Meet Felix

Meet Felix

Ever since I can remember I loved making pictures. I love looking at pictures, styling pictures and making people look and feel fabulous! My passion drives me and I love that so much emotion can be captured with photography……a flirty smile, an embarrassed quirk……all symbols of what you feel inside. I distinctly remember my first advanced “point and shoot” in 2006. I was absolutely fascinated with everything that moved and from then onward, found myself immersed in the world of photography.

Two years later I had the tremendous honor of placing first in the National Independence Photography competition. The following year, I received another humbling accolade and celebrated the honor of being the victor once more and went on to have a lot of my work on many calendars. I was elated and I quickly realized I wanted to pursue a career in photography. With that goal in mind, I decided to satisfy a personal quest to educate myself in the art………I grew and learned.

My ultimate dream has been to open my own photography business and within the past three years, I have traveled across my country, Caribbean and beyond working with a variety of sport enthusiasts and private individuals. In 2014, my dream became a reality and Fsimages launched. I have truly come full circle with regard for both my attitude and respect for wedding photography. To me, it's all about the moments people share with one another on the wedding day.  Every day I feel so lucky because I find such great joy in my passion for capturing moments. I am so grateful for every opportunity, for every new client, and for every new experience……I am truly happy with what I do.

”Photography has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them". Elliott Erwitt



Here are some random facts about me.

  • I totally love slippers…….will wear them 85% of the times you see me
  • I love life.....the good, bad, fake, real.......all of it!
  • I’m an avid tennis fan… yeah! Serena and Roger to the end!
  • I'm a freak for turkey wings
  • Pentax(Ricoh) K5 was my 1st SLR camera
  • I’m a herbal tea drinker…..predominantly
  • I love people and interacting, but in smaller groups
  • I’m a sucker for colognes….
  • I can do without Cable TV but absolutely need my internet
  • I may walk into a room and forget why...hahaha
  • Tried to become a vegetarian once……That didn’t last!
  • I love LIAT…..NOT…
  • Most of my clients often use the word "fantastic" after receiving their pix
  • Blackberries all the way, but my data providers need to offer 3g, 4g or better!!!
  • I totally looovveee live music(if its soulful or socaFUL) lol
  • I’ve never driven a two door car..
  • I'm a serious movie buff. Suspense thrillers......right on!!!!