Plan.....avoid bridal STRESS

Plan.....avoid bridal STRESS

Bridal stress is unique. It is really temporary, but connected to much deeper challenges. It is easily triggered by practical issues--There is often a decision to make, or challenge to resolve, at every turn of that journey to the altar. Every little nuance -- and nuisance -- can put you in a momentary tizzy.


Organization is your friend! If you’ve never made a list in your life―now is the time to change that. There will be lots of details to note, and trying to track them all "in your mind" will seriously fray those nerves. It may appear daunting to track all of these tasks, but there are some wonderful online organizers that include timetables, budget spreadsheets etc! Click here to get on your way to some organization. Great resource!


Your role in the wedding is to be the bride―not the caterer, the florist, photographer, nor the bandleader. Interview your vendors carefully, get references―from people you know, if possible―and once you’ve hired them, let them do their job. Communicate clearly via e-mails and keep records of your arrangements, but trust that they will deliver what you’re paying them for without micromanaging 🙂


We all know that this is a hyped point in your life. You're gonna need ways to relieve stress and relax, but don’t reinvent the wheel. Do whatever relaxes you ordinarily: whether it’s getting a Mani/pedi, a massage, or hanging out with your best friend. But if it's something like a new self-realization process, little before the wedding isn’t the time for some such a thing.


Give someone authority to make last-minute decisions and hide you from the If the wedding cake plummets to the ground ten minutes before the reception, you’re the last person who should be hearing about it. Pick someone who you trust completely and empower her to make decisions in your, dee jay, flowers or rearranging seating.....your "helper" should be more than capable.


Your nerves need to be nourished..........especially on your big day! What you eat at this point wont take back all the hard work you put into fitting into your awesome gown. It’s natural to be focused on that figure and how you’re going to look in your dress, but have a reasonable breakfast with protein and some carbs―because once you’re wound up and nauseous, it’s too late. Continue eating throughout the day and into the reception; having a nourished, well-tuned body will help your psyche follow suit.

Most photogenic Wedding Destination

Most photogenic Wedding Destination

The St.Vincent and the Grenadines/Destination Wedding Photographer is sooooo VERY excited to be THE FEATURE on one of the fastest growing and respected WEDDING blogs today (over 200000 fans) with amazing photos that deem our Island to be one of the most PHOTOGENIC DESTINATIONS in the WORLD!!

SnapKnot quotes: "The third in our most photogenic destination series is Mustique Island located in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Mustique Island weddings can be intimate and provide an uncrowded and natural setting that is a favorite among newlyweds." [see more]

Wedding poses for Brides

Wedding poses for Brides

Wedding poses for brides are such an important factor to create beautiful bridal portraits. Posing not only requires judgment and interpretation from the photographer but also input from the bride as to what feels most comfortable to her. In addition to the pose, adding in your own creativity and uniqueness is important as well to showcase your personality.

Not too many people simply LOVE being in front of the camera. Since a bridal portrait is a one dimensional photo, it is important to work your body in your wedding poses so that your image on the photograph really stands out and engages you with the person who is viewing the image. If you are standing straight ahead, with no angles at all to show, they could tend to be a bit boring.

You have to remember that taking photos is just like being a model. You need to move your shoulders and hips and be sure to make engaging eye contact with the camera…standing with a blank stare in front of the camera is no fun! Your wedding day is your time to shine and make the most of it!

Before taking your photos, be sure to talk to your photographer about having them help you to stay fully engaged and laughing throughout the session. It is important that from the beginning you work with a photographer who can keep you happy and can really capture those emotional moments shown in your eyes and through your expressions. Choosing the right photographer is important for this… if you do not get along with your photographer, you will not feel comfortable taking photos with them.

Even though choosing your perfect photographer is important, you cannot rely solely on your photographer to do it all for you. A photographer can not magically make a bride smile or show emotion in her photos. They can try their best to make you move around and not be stiff, but they can not work magic. That is why if you know ahead of time that you are uncomfortable taking photos or you need some ideas for posing like which angles look best or where to put your hands, it is best to do that research ahead of time.

The type of dress that you have is also important to take into consideration when planing what wedding poses you will be doing throughout your session. If you have a dress that is form-fitting, it may not work for you to get on the ground.

Some of the best shots you will take may be those totally impromptu ones – but having that photographer there to catch the perfect angles and those perfect looks will make it all come together beautifully!

Please go to to see the featured photograph by the St.Vincent and the Grenadines destination Wedding Photographer and read more.......

*Most of this article taken from the feature on bridal poses*

Get the MOST from your Wedding Photography

Get the MOST from your Wedding Photography

There are so many things to consider before one 'ties the knot'! Really, there are a few more things that can be added to this list, but here are a few that i think can contribute greatly to make or break the experience and derivatives from that oh so cherished day........


Relax and have FUN!!!!

The best way to get great wedding photos couldn’t be more straightforward - just relax and enjoy your day! I ask very little from my Bride and Grooms - as simple as that! Of course planning it all can be stressful, but the day itself is a time to try and forget all those stresses and just enjoy the excitement of two becoming one. Live it up and remember whats important........YOU and your FIANCE more than anything else!!!

_IGP6348_v1 St.Vincent and the Grenadines Destination Wedding Photographer

Think outside the box, but be practical!

Out-of-the-ordinary locations can be undiscovered jewels. This is where loving your photographer is important 🙂 Not only should my work and photographic style inspire trust, but we should have generated enough comfort between us to create extraordinary images. I'm very happy to observe, listen and NOT dictate certain aspects of your wedding. However, there are times that i will take the lead, direct and control aspects(family portraits, couple shots etc), organize those shots and tell my couple where and how to stand. You'd be thrilled both ON the day and upon receipt of those photographs...

_IGP2702_v1 St.Vincent and the Grenadines Destination Wedding Photographer

Invite loved ones and plan formals in advance

Only invite people that you know genuinely love and are happy for you. There are so many wedding 'hangers on' and people who just want to see what you’re going to do on the day. Weddings are too expensive to fill your day with people like this. But imagine the pure joy and pride you’ll feel walking into your ceremony with loving eyes all on you.

Family formals are some of the most important pics of the day where we create a record of all the important family members and close friends in attendance. With large families, capturing those photographs can be quite a task and may require the help of your Bridal party(or A close true friend). You will spend the majority of your wedding day with them so it’s important that they are genuinely happy for you and want to make the day great for you. You will have the most fun and the best memories with these types of friends.

_IGP5579_v1 St.Vincent and the Grenadines Destination Wedding Photographer

Plan months ahead and allot time for Couple Shots

"I have plenty of time, the wedding is months away". You believe things will all work out; you just need a break from the planning for a couple of weeks.........really, you don't need a break! Plan and organize everything ahead then just reconfirm one month before, but being on top of EVERYTHING is a job by itself and key to smooth transition on the day....…

Couple shots normally should last at least 30 minutes. I'd allot at least 45minutes and really love more, but the reality is that with a lot of weddings I am lucky to get even 30 minutes, so I work with what I'm given.............Ive learnt to get what I need within the time-frame I'm given.

_IGP1552_v1 St.Vincent and the Grenadines Destination Wedding Photographer


A good makeup artist is critical. This is your day to shine like the stars. You’re a celebrity for a day. It will reflect in your wedding photography! A wedding gown requires a special kind of makeup. You will be dressed in white and you want your face to pop up. Looking flawless begins here. I'm no make up expert, but having to edit photos that are very detailed shows you A LOT! Over the last 2years I have seen both sides of the coin, and I can certainly tell the difference between a good job and a 'not so good' one. As with most businesses, I guess you get what you pay for, so be mindful.

_IGP6126_v1 St.Vincent and the Grenadines Destination Wedding Photographer

Food, music and drink

Good food makes EVERYONE happy!!! You can almost never feed people too much at a wedding, so ensure food is always available. Have a nice variety and keep em coming! I've never seen anyone say, "too much".

Music almost always leaves one with somewhat of a choose whether to use a live band or a DJ. Live entertainment appeals to a large majority of people and is GREAT(especially for cocktails), but i guess that depends on your guest list. In any case you're also gonna need a DJ(great for dancing), so think about who you've invited and how to entertain them. Share that with your DJ and you're set!

At your reception, ensure you setup a non-alcoholic bar. There more than likely will be Children AND abstaining adults.

_IGP2269_v1 St.Vincent and the Grenadines Destination Wedding Photographer

Before the big day, get to know your photographer

This one is not always feasible so skype is my best friend in this case. I always try to meet my clients to get a good feel of what they are all about......personality etc! It's also a great way for them to meet me and develop a sense of familiarity and fit for the big day! I've done many weddings before meeting the clients on skype or in person and usually, the connection is instant........but that's not exactly desirable. Makes the job a little more challenging...

_IGP2858_v1 St.Vincent and the Grenadines Destination Wedding photographer

Create a physical wedding album

Wedding photographs along with the video are the only tangible memories that remain after your nuptials. I love Albums! You can feel, touch and treasure those images, show friends, children and grandchildren. Discs have a shelf life and so does your hard drive. Wedding albums last a lifetime and beyond!! Always consider the value in albums.....

_IGP1480_v1 St.Vincent and the Grenadines Destination Wedding PhotographerYour Wedding will be awesome. The key is planning and staying on top of things then letting go on the big day. Follow these mini guides and you'd be on your way to 'wondersome' 😀

Creating Unique Memories

Creating Unique Memories

Getting photographs as a couple might seem like a trivial thing, but it can actually help you stay CONNECTED!! Life gets chaotic, and in the rush of things sometimes keeping track of milestones or just celebrating your relationship gets LOST in the shuffle. When couples have kids, they put a focus on tracking their children's growth and not stop to take photos of themselves. Having photos of yourselves as a couple serves as a reminder of your BOND. Almost any JOINT ACTIVITY is a good way to bond with your partner, especially if it celebrates your relationship! When it comes to photos, you not only get the bonding experience, but a physical product that you can send to family and friends or display as an expression of your LOVE. The best portraits show an intimacy, so it is my job to put the couple in a situation to be close. Close proximity to your partner mixed with a fun environment tends to help individuals lower their guard both to the camera and to each other.

Unique moments

Going out on a photo shoot can be such a fun memory to AND in the future! It’s important to take time out of our regular lifestyle and have 'mad' meaningful experiences. It's always great to try something SILLY or different............My goal is to bring out as much natural interaction as possible, sometimes contrasting something beautiful with something rough. Couples that are open to the experience tend to have great fun. The best images always come out of a spark of an idea and we have to be able to quickly change direction and run with it. Any time you are willing to set aside time to do a photo shoot with your partner, it sends the message that you value your relationship! You don’t have to be engaged or wearing a wedding dress to get a photo shoot done. In fact, you can get pictures taken to mark any milestone. Every chance to make an amazing image and to shoot the best session I've ever shot makes it all worth it for me! Are you next?!?!


Your wedding should rock!

Your wedding should rock!

Wedding photography has become an extremely popular specialty. For most of us, our wedding will be the stuff dreams are made of........but really, a wedding is a grand...........unrepeatable, 'one shot', emotionally charged, high expectation kind of event. Being a wedding photographer requires dedication and talent. You are expected to achieve SHARP, well-composed, well-lit images that depict people at their best(quirks and all).........a "bride&groom whisperer"(so to speak). Our every heart's desire boils down to this one, all-important day. The details of this day take lots of time and planning to sort out. Most of us have already designed a picture in our heads of what our wedding day will be like, and one of the most important factors that will determine the outcome of that day is the choice of photographer you make and the style of work you end up choosing.

If you're among the many brides and grooms who will marry this year and you're becoming increasingly concerned about selecting your wedding photographer, some tips on making the decision as smooth as possible can always be useful. One of your very first considerations should be your budget. It's important that you first determine exactly how much your photographer plans to charge. Some photographers charge by the hour, and others charge a flat fee. If your photographer charges by the day as compared to by the hour, it is a good idea to know how many hours make up a STANDARD work day.


You should also demand a contract. Be sure that you're open and clear in order to avoid potential problems.
It will be beneficial to question your photographer about the time frame expected to get your moments returned. When it comes to a wedding, time is of the essence. If you're paying a substantial sum of money for quality photographs, you should also take into account the time frame you'll have to wait before getting those high quality photos returned to you.
Your big day gives ONE opportunity for consistent, mind blowing results without regret. Your moments will live on forever......and ever......feel good with your decision 🙂

Why a St.Vincent Wedding?

Why a St.Vincent Wedding?

There are many remarkably diverse islands all across the Caribbean, each quite different not just in appearance but in what's offered to visitors. Our Island chain is uncluttered by tourist exploitation...............the white/black sand beaches await on deserted exclusive little islands(and on the main), sky-blue water and a wonderfully enchanting tranquility. There couldn't be a more romantic setting.

Getting Married in our little piece of paradise requires the usual legalities to be met. The smiling friendly faces along with opportunities to enjoy our Islands like royalty adds to your St.Vincent and the Grenadines experience, making it all priceless. Of course, your photographer will play a most vital role to ensure that your SPECIAL day is super awesome and help you make memories that will live on through timeless images.........

Tying the knot on our islands of St.Vincent and the Grenadines with all its beauty is one of the best ways to avoid some of the traditional wedding stresses and offers, an experience that most people only dream of!!

What exactly is a

What exactly is a "Trash the Dress" session?

Apart from your actual WEDDING, a "trash the dress" session can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can encounter as a couple............real talk. Its a session AFTER the wedding....... it can be a few weeks, months or years where a bride struts that gown one more time for stunning and unusual photos giving you "something else" to remember. Most are done on beaches and unusual, 'artsy' places(based on your vision and your photographers vision) and end up being unique and beautiful photos that stand out. At times, even bridesmaids try to get a piece of the action! 🙂 However, I think some people automatically think that the dress is ruined, completely trashed and can never be worn again....... which is not the case! Have fun with your dress.....wear it more than once. These are the photos you're gonna want to frame and possibly hang on your wall....... Oooo yeah! You do get to tell your very imaginative photographer (destination wedding photographer) what you'd like to do and in most cases the dress is cleaned and kept. Some brides go all the way and actually trash the dress! Naturally, that's totally dependent on the individual 🙂 It's all up to the bride really......

Happy people

Happy people

Make sure guests REALLY enjoy your wedding! You'd hate to have guests looking at their watches wondering, "how soon should I scoot outta here?" because they're bored to bits........

1stly, ensure food is ALWAYS available.... You can almost never feed people too much at a

2ndly is the DJ! Think about who you've invited and how to entertain em. Share that with ur DJ and you're set!!

These are just two(2) things that can guide peoples perception of your wedding in the direction that you want..........what else can we add to this list folks?!?! Leave your comments below.... Have a great day now!!

Do you feed your wedding photographer?

Do you feed your wedding photographer?

Good question, aint it?!?!? Hehehe.....

You definitely don't want him/her to take a walk looking for some sort of nourishment, OR get cranky due to hunger.......or worse, passing out at your event! All opinions aside though, it will be common courtesy to offer a meal if your photographer has to be at your session past four hours. Planning "when", is very important because you won't want to serve your photographer and miss.......lets say, the bride and father dance! That's a moment you need! At the end of the day, you have to appreciate that the photographers could well be working harder and longer than anybody else(real talk). Starting from before you have your dress on, and finishing after the party, whilst having to keep alert and creative for the entire process - it's a dedicated job, and can be very tiring indeed. I believe that it makes sense to ensure your photographers are well fed and watered throughout the day, and you will get much back in return.

Show off!!

Show off!!

Yaaayyyyy! You found the person of your dreams and you get married to that person you love more that 'cooked food'!!! 😀

On YOUR day, don't hold back showing off how happy you everyone (guests, bride/groom, UNBORN CHILD, the how much that day means! Make sure you find a photographer more than capable of transferring your joy to film in a quality manner and ur set!

P.s I just might be one of those said photographers! Hehehehe. Book early folks..... 😉

Will you rock a Tiara?
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Will you rock a Tiara?

As tranquil and peaceful as a Sunday evening, so does this bride emanate her classical beauty in her little piece of our tropical paradise.

As simple as they come, her beautiful dress was complimented by very few embellishments. She did wear a Tiara, which traditionally represents importance, beauty, power and fame. Tiaras are really a sign of royalty and taken from the British "way".  A very popular piece now at Weddings, beauty shows etc.......but do you see yourself rocking one?!?!

The Wedding/Marriage

The Wedding/Marriage

Every time I hear the word “WEDDING”, I only assume they’ll last forever..........,, and ever!

Many people don't understand enough the sanctity of that honorable marriage institution. Its not just about the extravagant receptions or beautiful, touching photos.......we have some serious responsibilities in how we live out our marriages.

Keep the LOVE flowing beyond that beautiful wedding day. Make it last.....

Look your best...........

Look your best...........

Brides glow. That’s just what they do because they’re so happy!

EVERY bride seeks the best to enhance their beauty and look on their Wedding day.

Try Pineapples!

Pineapple is like a wonder food when your skin needs to look amazing, and it tastes great! It also has more properties to benefit your skin (and body)

Improving your digestion
Reducing inflammation
Forming collagen
Removing toxins

#lookitup 😀

Women cry........Men do too!!

Women cry........Men do too!!

Its not often you see the groom tearing up, but imagine(men), the bride of your dreams standin b4 you....beautiful and radiant dressed to be YOUR WIFE! That can bring the toughest to tears.

Brides, you've dreamt of a fairytale wedding all of your life! Having it come to fuition in front of your best friends and family results in one of the HIGHEST emotional highs in your life!! Cry away..... 😀

Wedding Superstitions???

Wedding Superstitions???

Are you a BELIEVER??

1. It's BAD LUCK for the Groom to see the Bride in her Wedding dress before the ceremony :]Y

2. Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger on the left hand because it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the HEART 8-|

3. The person who CATCHES the Bride's bouquet or garter when she tosses it over her head will be NEXT to get MARRIED X-o

4. The Bride is placed to the left side of the Groom because his RIGHT HAND needs to be free (the hand with which his sword is held) to protect/defend his Bride from any potential "thieves" X_X

Whats your take on these things?!?!


Candid moments
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Candid moments

Half the fun of photographing a wedding is capturing candid moments. This is the groom in the middle of an unexpected dance . . . .his 'dance' . . . .his day!

Wedding photography has changed a lot and leaning more toward a 'moment by moment' capture of the event!

Whenever your time comes, you have a few different options, but always remember that 'candid' rocks!! Don't leave those shots!!



This refers to a sense of depth or relationships between objects in a photo......dimensions and viewpoint.

As photographers, perspective is what helps to bring to life the "artist" in us and create images that appeal somewhat differently than a "snapshot".

So next time when you are trying to compose a photo, think about what you want the viewer to experience while looking at your work

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There are many things one need to pay attention to before giving birth to your bundle of joy......

Here are a few:

A car seat
Bottles (ounce) and nipples
Brush for cleaning bottles
Large tote/diaper bag packed with:
Change of clothes
PLASTIC BAGS (real for soiled diapers
Washcloth or baby wipes
Nursing Bras

You're gonna be super great being a parent. Embrace it 😉

There are many more items.......feel free to list them in your comments!


Welcome to the Fsimages blog! Feel free to interact, leave your comments and "peep" through the material available! Cheerios........;-)